Girona houses a fabulous cultural and architectural heritage accumulated in its two thousand years of history. The medieval city - called Força Vella - is protected by a magnificent wall preserved almost in its entirety. The Jewish quarter, known as Call, extends through a labyrinth of porticated alleys and steep streets.

The imposing Gothic Cathedral is an architectural gem. A mixture of styles harmoniously interwoven, it possesses the world´s largest nave of its class and a spectacular Baroque façade. The narrow cobblestone alleys of the Gremial neighbourhood allow us to admire the magnificent Gothic palaces, with its ancient streets that evoke the magnificent medieval past of the city.

Basic visit: guided tour through the old town of Girona and free time on the Rambla. This excursion can be extended with a visit to the Dalí Museum (Figueres), Castle Museum Gala Dalí (Púbol) and the municipality of Besalú.

Duration: 5 hours.