Since this ancient fishing village, located 45 minutes from Barcelona, was discovered by the multi-faceted Santiago Rusiñol at the beginning of the XX century, it has not ceased being the meeting place for the Bohemian Barcelona.

In this place the typical whitewashed houses of the Mediterranean area intermingle with bourgeois houses from the era of modernism.

What can you do there?

• Stroll along the shores of the Mediterranean sea with the delighted explanations of our guide and, weather permitting, take a dip in its temperate waters or browse through its art galleries.

• Visit the romantic Museum, former residence Can Llopis at the end of the XVIII century that lived its pinnacle of the romantic era.

• Visit the Museum Cau Ferrat, residence and Studio of Santiago Rusiñol, which contains a collection of paintings of the artist, as well as his peers’ from the beginning of century - Picasso, Utrillo, Casas, Zuloaga, Anglada Camarasa-. In addition, the Museum offers a permanent exhibition of the wrought iron collection.

• Visit the Maricel Museum with its collection of medieval art.

Duration: 5 hours.

This exclusion can be extended with Wineries/Cellars and Montserrat.