Quality Policy

ISO 9001

In compliance with the ISO 9001 quality certification standard, Minibuses Vips Barcelona SL, owner of Mvips, manifests the following Quality Policy:


Mvips, provides Luxury Transportation services operating in a highly dynamic and demanding environment.

Luxury is a cultural and subjective concept, tailored to each client. However, there is no doubt that Luxury is for Mvips:

• Puntuality

• Flexibility

• Neatness

• Discretion

• Good Looking

• Innovation

The Luxury Service is achieved by adopting a Quality Policy that has continuous improvement among its pillars. This, in turn, is achieved through the implementation of a management system based on the identification of the Factors that affect the Organization, its Processes, the Stakeholders and the risks inherent in the activity.

In addition to the Quality Policy itself, Mvips assumes the commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements and those that the organization subscribes related to needs and expectations that may affect the services offered.

Mvips Management guarantees that this Quality Policy is communicated, understood, applied and reviewed to ensure its continued adaptation to changes in the environment. It also manages its dissemination to staff and all other interested parties as appropriate, providing the necessary equipment, means, environments and training.

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Fernando Feliu | Director

Barcelona, ​​Jan 2, 2022