There are several reasons that motivate Catalans and visitors to go up and visit this sacred mountain: the contact with nature, the spectacle of its singular form monoliths, the devotion to the Black Madonna (Virgin of Montserrat), the exaltation of the Catalan traditions, the pilgrimage of century-old tradition...

Montserrat houses a Benedictine monastery and basilica which have their origin in the XI century, where every day (except Saturdays) the children of the Escolania, one of the oldest choirs in Europe, sing the Salve to the dark Virgin.

The access to the mountain is only possible by bus, or combined with bus and rack train, or by air.

What can you do in Montserrat?

• Visit the Basilica, the shrine of the Black Madonna and the small market, where local farmers sell the typical Catalan sweet named “mel i mató”.

• Visit the Museum, designed by Puig i Cadafalch, which houses six distinct collections. The oldest part dating back to XXII century b. C.

• Go up to the Pla of the Tarantulas with the funicular of Sant Joan at 1000 m of altitude from where you can observe the monastery and the regions surrounding it.

Duration: 5 hours.

This exclusion can be extended with Wineries/Cellars and Sitges.