About us

Past & Present of MVIPS


Mini Buses Vips was founded as a ground-breaking company in the rental of luxury, chauffeur-driven minibuses for the tourist market in Barcelona.


The first luxury car with chauffeur was added to be able to deliver services to high-level tourists to Barcelona. This is how the Mini Vips Cars company saw the light. The company grew and evolved, accumulating a broad range of different-sized vehicles, all of them focusing on quality tourism in the City. 


The company went professional and decided to develop Super Luxury in Barcelona, upgrading its fleet with 2 MAYBACH S600 Ultra Luxury vehicles. The image was revamped and the company became known as MVIPS. Our chauffeurs were trained as professional chauffeurs and were instructed in protocol in order to handle VIP customers and deliver an exceptional customer service.

MVIPS now boasts an extensive range of vehicles, all of them Mercedes Benz, ranging from the epitome of Luxury embodied in the MAYBACH S600, via the Mercedes S and E Classes, Viano for 6/7 people, Sprinters for 10 pax. and Iveco minibuses for 20, 25 and 27 people. They all offer high-quality standards and Premium services. The objective of the company is to improve and offer the best possible quality in the way it handles its customers, delivers its services and the vehicles it provides.